College Success

“College Success – Taking Charge of Your Personal and Academic Growth” is the course intended for freshmen in the Faculty of English Language Teacher Education, University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS), Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU).

This course prepares students for their personal and academic development both during their university life and in their future. It deals with matters related to self-identification, campus and community resources, academic study, career orientation and personal situations. Students will participate in various practical tasks that build up their fundamental skills such as self-study, information searching and processing, time management, teamwork, presentation, goal setting and problem solving. Through the course, students will develop better understanding of themselves and their environment.

This course assists students in developing the following attitudes, skills and knowledge:


After the course, students should be more:

  • self-aware of their values, strengths and weaknesses
  • active in seeking help and utilizing resources
  • open-mindedto different ways ofaddressing & solving problems
  • cooperativein working with others
  • organizedin managing budget and time
  • consideratetowards other people and surrounding issues


The course will help students improve the following skills:

  • identifying themselves in different contexts and from different perspectives
  • identifying personal problems and seeing a wide range of solutions
  • managing budget and time
  • searching for and processing information
  • working in teams
  • preparing and delivering an oral presentation
  • planning and monitoring their study


After the course, students should be equipped with understanding of:

  • themselves (awareness of their values, strengths,weaknesses, and needs)
  • student-related administrative procedures and college study requirements at ULIS
  • useful extra-curricular activities that students can participate in
  • important features and requirements of relevant jobs

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