Defining “Success”

This is not an official unit in the course, but it might be important to stop and think about what is meant by “success” before we begin our adventure to College Success, don’t you think?

We would like to invite you to follow 3 stories about success.

1. Please go here to read and listen to how Amy Chua, or more famously known as the Tiger Mother, prepares her children for success.

2. Richard St. John, the author of the bestseller 8 To Be Great, which is about the 8 traits successful people have in common, shares the main ideas from his book and his own story in this short talk (04 mins).

3. This talk (17 mins) by Alain de Botton, a Swiss writer, philosopher, television presenter and entrepreneur, questions the common assumptions about success and failure.

What do you think are their definitions of success? What is your own?


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